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Trust our experts for first class eye care

Taking good care of your eyes is important. Regular eye tests and screening can help detect problems with your eyes before they seriously affect your vision in ways that can't be treated.


At F.S.L. Opticians, you'll receive first class eye care from our qualified opticians. We offer a wide range of affordable optical services to suit all of your eye care needs.

Free NHS eye checks

We recommend that everyone have an eye examination at least every other year. Regular eye tests are especially important if you have diabetes, a family history of glaucoma, are over 70 or are experiencing difficulty seeing.

Services to suit your needs

In addition to standard eye examinations, we can provide a range of other services for you, including diabetic screening and digital photographs. Our opticians are always happy to answer any questions you have about your eyes or vision.


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Let us take care of you

At F.S.L. Opticians, our priority is helping you protect the health of your eyes. Our eye exams and screenings are available at all 3 of our convenient locations, so contact us today to book an appointment. We also stock a wide range of spectacles and lenses to suit every taste and budget - stop in and take a look.

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