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We've got frames that you'll love

Just because you need prescription glasses to see, doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice your style or your bank account for them. At F.S.L. Opticians, we provide you with a wide range of designer, budget and children's frames as well as contact lenses.


Wearing glasses doesn't have to be a compromise.

The latest brand name frames

Choose from our collection of designer frames - we have all the most popular name brands for you to choose from. You'll love our frames so much, you won't be able to choose just one set - and our prices are so competitive, you won't have to.

Attractive frames for the whole family

If price is your priority, or if you are shopping for glasses for your son or daughter, we also have an extensive selection of both budget frames and children's frames to suit any taste. Stop by today and take a look.


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Let us take care of your eyes

If contact lens are more your style, we can supply you with a selection of top quality contact lens as well. Our Opticians will be happy to advise you on which products will best suit your needs. Stop by any of our locations or call today.

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